Is it possible to disable the light on Bathys’ earpads?
Yes, you can change the light settings in the Focal & Naim app. You can dim or switch off the light.

My USB or Jack cable has broken. Where can I find another certified Focal cable?
If you have a technical issue, contact your dealer who can supply the Focal certified pieces you need.

Can I use my headphones while playing video games?
Yes, you can play video games while using your Bathys headphones thanks to the Bluetooth® apt-X™ adaptive codec, which is low latency.

Where can I find the serial number of my Bathys?
The serial number of your headphones is on the back of the packaging or inside the left slider of the headphones.

Will there be updates for headphones?
Yes, updates will be proposed to you if they are available for Bathys. You can find them in the Focal & Naim app. The app will notify you when an update is available. 

What is the battery life of my headphones?
30h in Bluetooth® mode and Active Noise Cancelling
- 35h in Jack mode
40h in USB DAC mode

How does EQ works?
The EQ is consisting of a 5-band graphical equalizer, with 2 predefine modes:
Home: this mode can be used in a quiet environment, which lightly compresses the top and bottom-end to create a more neutral sound.
Loudness: this mode can be used for low volume listening, which balances the decrease level of low and high frequencies.
It’s also possible to customize and save your personal settings.
- The same EQ will be applied to the sound until you change or turn it off on the app (mobile app is accessible on Bluetooth®) whether you are using Bluetooth®, USB C audio (DAC) or the 3.5mm jack.

Why am I not able to connect the app to my Bathys?
If you are using the app on multiple devices, check that Bathys is not already connected to the app on another device. Only one device using the app can be connected to the headphones.
If no other devices are connected to the headphones, then try rebooting the headphones and cleaning the BT devices list.
Check that the application is up-to-date.
The Focal & Naim app can only be used with the Bluetooth® mode.


I can’t pair my android phone - I saw the fast pair message pop-up, I dismissed it by accident and now I can’t pair.
If you accidentally dismiss the fast pair pop-up message, sometimes the phone thinks you want to ignore the headphones and the phone will prevent you from pairing with them for about 10 minutes.
In the Bluetooth® settings of your phone, make sure you “forget” all Bathys
Switch off your headphones
Restart your phone
Switch on your headphones
Enter pairing mode (long press on the Bluetooth® button)
Fast pair should now work.

Why does aptX™ adaptive not work on my headphones?
Some old phones do not correctly respect the stream type requested from the headphones. So, if the apt-X™ adaptive doesn’t work, try updating Phone OS or contact your phone manufacturer.

Can I pair my headphones to multiple audio sources? If so, how many?
You can connect to 2 devices at the same time, but only one playing at a time. You can pair up to 8 devices, if you pair more, the oldest paired device will be automatically removed.

How can I go from one device to another with Bluetooth® mode?
We use Multipoint technology which automatically switches from one device to another when several devices are still paired to the headphones, and Bluetooth® mode is activated on the devices. It is not necessary to go through the settings. For example: if you listen to music via your tablet and you receive a phone call, when you hang up, the headphones automatically connect to your smartphone.

Which audio codecs are supported?
In Bluetooth®, the headphones support: SBC, AAC, aptX™ and aptX™ adaptive. The headphones will automatically choose the best codec available on your device.
In USB, the headphones support: PCM up to 24 bits 192 kHz.

How do I get the best sound quality from my Bluetooth® headphones?
Best quality is achieved by playing lossless files on your playback device. Where possible combine it with the less compressed Bluetooth® codec: aptX™ adaptive for Android devices and AAC for iOS devices.

Thanks to the DAC mode, connected with the USB-C on your device, you can enjoy music without compression and with a resolution up-to 24 bits 192 kHz.

What is the maximum reach of a Bluetooth® connection?
The maximum Bluetooth® reach is 15 meters, without obstacles between the playback device and the headphones.

How to connect to the voice assistant (Google assistant or Amazon Alexa)?
You can choose the voice assistant you want through the Focal & Naim app.
-Download the app
-While setting up your Bathys’ headphones, Select Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Siri.
-Connect to your account.
After this, you can use the dedicated button on the right earcup to start the voice assistant.

Why does apt-X adaptive create noise when streaming?
Unfortunately, some smartphones are not following the apt-X adaptive specifications correctly and it can noise on the Bathys, in this case please try other codecs.


Are there any limitations when using USB DAC mode?
No voice prompts
On iOS, no possibility to take calls
176 kHz sampling rate is not supported
Not possible to connect to the Focal & Naim app to change settings (although settings made in BT mode do apply in DAC mode)

What audio formats are supported on wired USB connection?
Audio formats supported:

Format Support
44.1 kHz 16/24 bitYES
48 kHz 16/24 bitYES
88.2 kHz 16/24 bitYES
96 kHz 16/24 bitYES
176.4 kHz 16/24 bitNO
192 kHz 16/24 bitYES

How can I use the USB DAC mode with an iPhone?
You need to have an OTG adaptor USB-c to connect your iPhone to the USB cable.
The call function will not work with iOS devices.

Why, when using a MacBook, do I have different levels on the left and right channels?
It is a known issue when using a MacBook that there is an audio imbalance. To avoid this issue, you can download ‘Balance Lock’ for free from the App store. If you would prefer to correct the balance manually then you can access the channel levels in ‘Audio MIDI Settings’.


Can I charge my headphones while listening via the jack input?
No - the jack input is muted when the charger is connected.

Can I listen via the jack input when the battery is dead?
No - the battery is required to listen to the jack input due it being an active amplification input.


What is the ANC? How does it work?
The Active Noise Cancelling technology offers several listening options that reduce interaction with external noise. Using outward-facing microphones that analyse the surrounding sounds, an inverse frequency is produced to reduce the undesirable background noise. This technology is ideal to enjoy your music, a podcast, a movie, to make a call – all without unwanted interruption. 

What is the difference between the 3 ANC modes?
Transparent: Lets outside sound in, to allow clear and easy conversation
Soft: Limited noise reduction for moderately noisy environments (eg. office, house)
Silent: Optimum noise reduction for particularly noisy environments (eg. Train, airplane)

Why does the noise cancelling not work well?
Make sure that:
the earpads are sat correctly on your head and all the pins are fixed
- the earpads are not damaged
the fabric and foam inside the earcup (in front of the driver) is not be displaced or removed
ensure the microphones hidden around the logo on the earcup are not blocked

Is it possible to use the Active Noise Cancelling without listening to music?
Yes, if you want to use the active noise-cancelling only (without music), you need to either disable the Auto Standby feature or be using the DAC feature.
If you are in ON mode without music, the headphones will by default to sleep mode after 15 minutes. This can be changed by disabling Auto Standby in the headphones’ settings. If you are on DAC mode, sleep mode will not be activated, so you are able to use the active noise-cancelling.


How long does it take to charge my Bathys?
The power output from chargers varies, but using a good quality charger (~ 2 amps), the headphones will be fully charged in about 1.5 hours.

Can I charge my headphones from my smartphone?
Yes, but it depends on the smartphone you are using. Not all the smartphones support it so you’ll need to verify the USB settings in your smartphone.

Why am I hearing a “click” noise when using Bluetooth® to stream music as I charge my headphones? 
Make sure to use a high-quality charger, ideally capable to deliver 5V DC and at least 2A of current.
If your battery is empty and the charger is limited in its power delivery, it is possible that you may hear sporadic  clicks before the battery begins to charge. 

How can I know the remaining battery capacity of my Bathys headphones?
The battery capacity is indicated in the Focal & Naim app. 


Can I answer to a call with my headphones?
Bluetooth®: Yes, to answer you need to press the multifunction button. To hang up, press the multifunction button again. You can also reject a call with your headphones by pressing and holding the multifunction button for 2 seconds.

Clear Voice Capture technology uses two microphones that are dedicated to calls to ensure clear conversation.
In USB DAC: Yes, if the device supports standard USB protocol.
In Jack: No, it’s not possible in jack mode as the microphones are not activated.